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About Waterstream Hot Tubs

Our company Waterstream Hot tubs (formerly Hot Tubs 2 Buy) and now part of the Waterstream Group was formed by its Managing Director, Alex Kemsley in 2006 to bring quality affordable hot tubs and accessories to the UK market. We noticed that there was a gap in the market for affordable quality hot tubs and sort to fill it. We set about introducing a hot tub to the market that could meet our stringent cost objectives without skimping on quality. This was an overnight success and lead us to the associated accessories and service side attached to support our customers. This philosophy lead us to expand rapidly and we now source and distribute hot tubs worldwide including the USA, Europe, Asia and Australasian and have manufacturers and dealers scattered across the globe in order to source and supply the very best available. The hot tubs and accessories that we now distribute meet the extremely stringent quality guidelines we have imposed on ourselves, They use top grade electronic controllers and pumps, coupled with a highly durable rotary molded or acrylic shell which makes them the ultimate relaxation machine.

Waterstream Hot Tubs is a full member of the British and Irish Spa and Hot Tub Association (BISHTA). Bishta have a strict set of guideline set out for all members to follow, on hot tub safety and trading practices.

We are also approved by the leading hot tub authority Whatspa to offer hot tubs and facilities inline with their exacting standards.

Waterstream Hot Tubs has now proven itself to the market as a highly successful company, we are not as greedy with our profit margins preferring to pass the saving on to our customers and rely on volume sales over price.

Happy Hot Tubbing!

Alex Kemsley
The Waterstream Group

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