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BISHTA: health, enjoyment and safety for all users of Spas, Hot Tubs and Exercise Pools.

The Waterstream Group Is prowed to be a BISHTA Member, Our Managing Director sits on two comittees, and we are happy to be part of such a proative organisation. 

The Standards and training set by our Association are arguably the best in the world.  So when you make your purchase, buy with confidence from a BISHTA member.

BISHTA – the British and Irish Spa and Hot Tub Association – is a member of the BSPF, the British Swimming Pool Federation.

Reasons why we are bishta members. 

  • BISHTA exists to promote high standards of safety, enjoyment and value, by registering suppliers of spas, hot tubs, accessories and water purification products.
  • Those who satisfy BISHTA’s entry requirements are able to apply for membership.
  • BISHTA members follow strict guidelines in Spa and Hot Tub safety and trading practices.
  • They have personnel trained in water hygiene and treatment.
  • They are committed to observe the BISHTA Standards and a Code of Ethics.
  • They have the back up of BISHTA technical advice and help in the unlikely event of a dispute.
  • For more technical information, visit Howard Gosling’s website.
  • BISHTA companies can be found in the member finder.
  • Look for the BISHTA logo, only members are allowed to display it.
  • BISHTA has included some  consumer advice  to ensure that you ask the right questions before you buy, good luck!