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Products by Manufacturer: Roto Spa

Roto Spa

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  1. Rotospa Light Multi Coloured - Upgrade

    Light Multi Coloured - Rotospa Multifunction LED underwater light added option extra

    Product code: T1B

  2. Chrome Jets Upgrade - RotoSpa - DuoSpaS80, Duraspa S160 and Orbis

    Light Upgrade for Duospa S80, Duraspa S160 and Orbis RotoSpa Tubs

    Product code: T1E

  3. Ozone System Upgrade - Rotospa

    Ozone System Upgrade - Rotospa Optional extra ozone Sanitation

    Product code: T5B

  4. Air Blower Upgrade - RotoSpa

    Airblower Upgrade

    Product code: RSair


    This portable hot tub fits through a standard doorway and it’s a perfect size for two people to enjoy.

    Product code: DuoSpaS080

  6. RotoSpa Orbis Hot Tub

    A 4 person hot tub light enough to be carried by two people so you can move it according to the season or occasion.

    Product code: Orbis


    With room for 6 people and a generous foot well, this may be the hot tub for you if you enjoy regularly relaxing with friends – there’s even a drinks tray!

    Product code: QuattroS220

  8. RotoSpa Duo Spa S240 Hot Tub

    Another tub that’s perfect for 2 this hot tub includes headrests and an air blower as standard features.

    Product code: EliteS240

  9. RotoSpa Dura Spa S160 Hot Tub

    One of our larger models, this hot tub is ideal for relaxing with friends after a vigorous workout, or during an energetic party!

    Product code: S160


    Out of stock

  10. RotoSpa Dura Spa S380 Hot Tub

    The most powerful hot tub in the range, you will enjoy a deeply rejuvenating, thorough massage in this hydrotherapy powerhouse.

    Product code: S380


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