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Where to Locate Your Hot Tub

Where to Locate Your Hot Tub

Choosing the location for your hot tub is an extremely important decision as most people will not move the hot tub from that location once it is put there.

Although all our hot tubs our extremely portable most customers prefer to landscape a specific area in the garden just for the tub. This could be on the patio or deck. Some cutomers may chose to build the hot tub into the patio or deck. .

Getting the tub into the garden.

getting the hot tub into your gardenAlways work out the logistics of getting the hot tub into your garden first! Most of our tubs are narrow enough to fit down a side access to your house. However careful measurement should be taken as to attain whether it will fit actually get through and fit in your planned garden location.

If the hot tub will not fit down the side access the second best option is to see if a neighbour will mind taking down a fence panel in order to get the tub in. (you could always try inviting them to your first Hot tub party!)

The last resort is to hire a crane that will be able to lift the hot tub over your house, this can cost between £300 to £1500.

Choosing where to put you new tub

Before the hot tub is in the back garden you should consider where to site it. The best location should be:

  • Close to the house so that in winter there is not too far a journey inside.
  • Not over looked by neighbours as it nice to have some privacy.
  • Away from overhanging trees to avoid leaves getting in.
  • Not have overhead cables
  • Close enough for a hose to reach for refilling and topping up.
  • Not too far from the fuse box so that long lengths of cable are needed.
This location needs to be capable of supporting a load of 500 kg/m2 as a hot tub when full will weigh anything from a tonne upwards. To calculate the weigh of a hot tub take the dry weight in kg and add the litres of water to the weigh (1 Litre of water = 1 Kg) In general a 6" reinforce concrete base is suitable. Please contact your Waterstream Sales Representative who will be able to make an assessment on site if you have any doubt.