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used hot tubs wantedMoving House and no longer want the hot tub? Kids moved out and no longer use the Spa?

Waterstream approved used program is contantly on the lookout for used and second hand hot tubs, be it working or not we are here to help. All part exchanges are paid in cash on colection by trained hot tubs movers fully insured normally within 7 days. 

Please fill in your details below and we will contact be able to make you an offer on your hot tub

Second Hand Hot tub

  • Please let us know if you have a Wooden or Plastic cabinet

  • (please be honest we dont mind if stuff isnt working)

  • How did you acquire the hot tub, bought new, came with the house, bought second hand?


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  1. What will happen to my hot tub once its traded in
    It will get recondition, serviced and repaired, have a new cover and go back out for sale once it has been through our stringent 120 point check 

  2. My hot tub isnt working will you still  purchase it. 
    No problem, but please advise of bits that aren't working.  

  3. Will you remove the old spa / hot tub
    Yes, our team will assess and advise how the hot tub will be removed. We are fully insured to do so.  

  4. How Much will you pay for my hot tub?
    This depends on a number of factors including brand, age, condition, features (sound system, light etc) the minium we will pay for a working spa is £250 
  5. What spas wont you accept

    - Chinease spas

    - Spas that use air swich controls

    - Hot Tubs that have rotten or rusted bases that prevent them being moved

    - Spas over 10 years old

    - Spas that have cracked acrylic shells 

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