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Replacement hot tub covers / tops and replacement spa covers made from the very best materials to provide years of hassle free service. Re enforced aluminium bars provide lightweight strength, this makes our hot tub and spa covers / lids durable and light to handle. Hight quality high-density polystyrene provides superb insulation that keeps the heat where it belongs, (inside your hot tub!).

The tough marine-grade vinyl is stabalised against UV and gives our Hot Tub covers great protection against the suns rays and resists mildew. Marine-grade polyester thread is used and taylored in our materials department to ensure the very best in quality.

3 year cover warrantyHaving a high quality Hot Tub Cover will keep your hot tub running costs down as the heat will not be able to escape from the Hot tub lid. If your hot tub cover is heavily or has become damaged it's highly recommend that you consider purchasing a replacement cover as it will reduce your hot tub running costs.

If your hot tub cover is over 3 years old it will become less affective at keeping the heat in your hot tub and it might be worth replacing it.

We are the only company in the UK to offer a 3 year Warranty against Water ingress on your replacment custom made cover core which is probably the reason why you are replacing your cover in the first place! Every other company we have found offers just 1 years warranty. Why save £50 or less on an inferior cover with just a years warranty?

All of our covers are stocked off the shelf & made in the USA. Why wait 4-8 weeks to have one custom made and shipped from the US when our covers are made in exactly the same way using a higher quality marine grade vinyal?

A cover is an extremely important component of a hot tub for a number of reasons:

  • It’s absolutely crucial that small children, and pets are unable to enter the hot tub and a heavy cover will prevent them from entering the water, keeping them safe.
  • Of course, if your hot tub is in the outside environment, a cover will protect your hot tub from debris – leaves, insects – and keep your spa water clean.
  • A hot tub cover is energy efficient; it’ll lower the amount of money you spend keeping your hot tub or swim spa water warm and a cover with help with heat retention.  You may consider a Floating Blanket that you can cut to size to fit your hot tub.  These create a barrier between the spa water and the hot tub cover, offering further protection from chemical and ozone damage.
  • Sunlight exposure may harm a hot tub; covering the hot tub with heavy protection will ensure that the sun cannot damage your hot tub.  Of course, hot tub covers that are constantly exposed to sunlight will need to be replaced sooner than a cover that’s indoors, away from direct sunlight.

Sunlight isn’t the only element that a cover provides protection against; a heavy hot tub cover will protect your hot tub from all weathers.  You can buy manual or hydraulic cover lifters to help you lift the heavy cover off the hot tub, when you’re ready to use it, then replace it, once you’ve enjoyed your spa experience.

It’s a good idea to regularly check the cover to ensure that heavy rain isn’t making a dent in the centre of it, causing water to gather and potentially leak into the tub itself, damaging the heating insulation and contaminating the water.  You should also check from cracks, too, for the same reasons.  Should you find that you need to replace your hot tub cover, Waterstream can help you to source another from the manufacturer, or create a custom fit cover, to protect your hot tub.

 Of course, regularly maintaining your hot tub cover will extend its effectiveness: we stock 303 Cleaner & UV Protector from Spa Parts Plus, that, if applied to your cover every week, cleans and protects the cover from all weather elements, preventing mildew and preserving the effectiveness of the cover for longer.